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white jade mutton-jade

Commonly known as mutton-white jade (Yurungkash), this translusent ore is a type of Nephrite jade that can be found in a variety of shades of white. Mostly found within Asian markets, white jade is mainly detectable by it’s transluscent and creamy white shade. It can sometimes exhibit a pale off-yellow hue.

Wait, pause…Remind me About Nephrite Jade

Glad you asked. One thing to note is that Nephrite jade is a less expensive and less valuable form of jade in comparison to Jadeite. They both differ in terms of mineral compositions and colours. Nephrite jade tends to be a softer and cloudier stone whereas Jadeite is noticeably pure. We know what you’re thinking- making a clear disctinction between the two can’t be easy. Nobody said it would be, and we won’t go through the lengthy details. But, lucky for you there are methods you can use to try to detect the differences. The “mutton-fat” pieces are said to be described predominantly as high quality white nephrite.

Properties Overview

Texture: smooth, high luster

Colour: cloudy to opaque

Type: calcium magnesium silicate

Uses: jewelry, carvings, healing, increases energy

The Spiritual Meaning of White Jade

It’s no question that all shades of jade have various notable qualities. What sets this shade of jade apart from its colorful friends is it’s calming nature. The spiritual meaning behind this ore shade is to keep negative energy away and to nurture peace, calm and luck.

What’s the Value of White Jade?

Brace yourself, we’re about to hit you with some bad news. On the far opposite scale of black jade, white jade is considered the shade and type of jadeite with the lowest monetary value. The more pure the color and the higher the saturation of the stone, the higher the value. For example, an off-white stone with a yellowish tone means it may have been manipulated. The highest quality jade will always be the purest forms.


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